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Amol Delmade

PhD Researcher

Amol Delmade is a PhD research scholar at Dublin City University.

He graduated from Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Maharashtra, India in 2013 with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. He worked as a lecturer in the same department for about a year. He was responsible for teaching fibre optic communication technology and control systems courses during his tenure as a lecturer. He mentored a lab course on Basics of Electrical Engineering during the same period. In 2017, he earned his Master of Science (by research) degree in RF and Photonics Systems from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. During his master’s studies, Amol worked on his thesis titled “Optical Fronthualing for Next Generation Wireless Systems” under the supervision of Dr. Deepa Venkitesh. He compared the performance of different fronthaul schemes for OFDM signal and analyzed the performance of 4G LTE and different 5G waveforms over an analog intermediate frequency over fibre fronthaul link. Part of this work was done at Radio and Optical Communications Lab in DCU, Ireland. He worked as a research associate for 8 months at the same department in IIT Madras.

In 2018, he joined Radio and Optical Communications Lab at the School of Electronics Engineering in Dublin City University, as a PhD research scholar on SFI scholarship under the supervision of Prof. Liam Barry. His work focuses on millimeter wave frequency signals generations and distribution through an analog radio-over-fibre network for different waveforms. His multifaceted research work involves fundamental research: millimeter wave carrier frequencies generation and distribution, 5 th generation wireless technology signals fronthauling, radio over fibre, fibre-wireless networks, passive optical networks and many more.

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