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Daniel Martins

PhD Researcher

Daniel Martins is a PhD researcher at CONNECT in TSSG at Waterford Institute of Technology.

He received his Bachelor Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from UNIJORGE, Brazil (2008), his Specialization Degree in University Teaching, from UNIJORGE, Brazil (2010) and his Master Degree in Electrical Engineering, from Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil (2014).

Daniel is an IEEE Member, and volunteer, since 2005. He was IEEE Section Bahia Young Professionals Affinity Group Chair (2010-2014) and currently he is the Republic of Ireland representative for the IEEE UK&Ireland Young Professionals Affinity Group.

He worked as Assistant Teacher at UNIJORGE (2010-2011), as  Coordinator of two Technical Courses (Telecommunications and Informatics) at  Redentorista Technical School (2013-2014), as Project Manager of a research group in Brazil (2014-2015) and as Teacher at Maurício de Nassau College (2015).

Currently he is a PhD student and is investigating how bacteria can interact with each other and with the environment to develop models that allow a better understanding about their communication process. He has experience on following subjects: Communications Networks, Sound Processing, Signal Analysis and Processing, Communications Systems, Molecular Communications.

PhD Researcher Waterford IT (TSSG) Nano