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Darragh McCarthy

Research Fellow

Darragh McCarthy is a Research Fellow at the CONNECT Centre in Maynooth University.

He received the B.Sc. and PhD degrees in Experimental Physics from Maynooth University in 2011 and 2015. His IRCSET funded PhD was in the area of millimeter and sub-millimeter instrumentation for astronomical satellites and focused on the development of efficient modelling and optimization techniques for waveguide structures, antenna/cavity design and experimental verification, and the development of testbeds for multi-mode horn antenna measurements. Much of this work was performed for the European Space Agency (ESA).

Following his PhD, Darragh held Assistant Lecturer and Postdoctoral Researcher positions in the Department of Experimental Physics in Maynooth University, continuing to work in the area of millimeter wave instrumentation. As a part of this he contributed to ESA future mission proposals, ESA research contracts, and was invited to participate in ESA future mission feasibility studies. In January 2017 Darragh joined Intel Corporation as a Thin Films Process Engineer.

He joined the CONNECT Centre in July 2018, where his research is focused on antenna design and measurement, and the development of transmitter/receiver chains

Research Fellow Maynooth University