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David Payne

Funded Investigator

David Payne is a Funded Investigator at CONNECT in Trinity College Dublin.

He joined BT labs in 1978 working on single-mode fibre splicing and connectors and a very early FTTH project using multimode fibre in an active star topology. In 1982 he started work on single-mode fibre optical access networks and was co-inventor of TPON, the first passive optical network (PON). This work continued, included amplified PONs and culminated in 1991 in an experiment with 50 million way split, 500km range carrying 16×2.5Gb/s wavelengths.

In the late 1990s he moved into business and traffic modelling looking at drivers of bandwidth and the economic justification for large-scale deployment of optical access and core networks.

In 1999 he took over running the optical networks and broadband research at BT Labs where the proposals for current ideas on LR-PONs evolved.

In 2005 he was awarded the BT Martlesham Medal for his contribution to optical networks and in 2007 he took early retirement from BT, did some free-lance consultancy and then joined the Institute of Advanced Telecommunications with Prof Nick Doran at Swansea University.

In 2010 David joined the Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTVR) as Professor of Optical Networks at Trinity College Dublin where he continues to work.

David is the project coordinator of the DISCUS FP7 call 8 project which started in November 2012 and is designing an architecture for future end to end optical networks for ubiquitous provision of multi-Gb/s speed broadband services to end users.

In 2013 he has also joined Aston University, UK, on a part time basis as Professor of Optical Networks.

Dave has ca. 80 publications, 8 book chapters and overĀ 20 patents.

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