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Eric Dalton

Research Fellow

Dr Eric Dalton is a Research Fellow at CONNECT in the University of Limerick.

has worked in a wide range of scientific areas: from fundamental science in critical theory in condensed matter and cavitation in microfluidics to industrial interactions of material reliability and corrosion for telecommunications.

He has worked on the production and characterisation of nanomaterials, including ultra-long nanowires, atomic folding in the structure of biomaterials and the production of thermoelectric nanowire for the micro-cooling of laser platforms. He is also active in the area of electronic reliability, specifically, solder joint structure reliability for space applications and the development of the new IPC creep corrosion standard.

He is currently researching the thermal management of electronics using advanced evaporation-based thermal management as well as advanced integrated material for addressable cooling of fibre optic lasers and the development of phase-changing thermal interface material for microelectronic cooling.

Dr. Dalton has worked as a collaborator with a larger number of international companies such as Centres for Science, Engineering & Technology (CSETs), Industrial lead research programs (ILRP) and innovation partnerships. He has also engaged with a number companies in a consultancy capacity.

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