Our People

Frank Smyth

Executive Director

Frank Smyth is the Executive Director of CONNECT. He graduated with a PhD from Dublin City University in 2009 having carried out pioneering research on novel tunable laser sources and optical switching systems. He held a scholarship position at Bell Laboratories, and a research fellowship at Dublin City University before founding start-up company, Pilot Photonics, and raising over €1M in investment and research funding to develop its unique optical comb source technology.

As a co-founder of CONNECT, he was instrumental in securing €43M funding for the Centre. Frank has published more than 60 research publications, has been responsible for six patent applications and currently serves as an expert reviewer in photonics and optical communication for the European Commission. With deep knowledge of the university-based research sector and experience of the commercial challenges of the telecoms industry Frank brings insight, perspective and leadership to CONNECT.

Executive Director Leadership Management & Operations Trinity College Dublin TCD