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Holger Claussen

Principal Investigator

Prof. Holger Claussen is a CONNECT Principal Investigator and Head of the Wireless Communications Laboratory at Tyndall National Institute, and Joint Professor of Wireless Communications at University College Cork (UCC), and Trinity College Dublin (TCD), where he is building up research teams in the area of RF, Access, Protocols, AI, and Quantum Systems to invent the future of Wireless Communication Networks.

Previously he led the Wireless Communications Reserarch Department of Nokia Bell Labs located in Ireland and the US. In this role, he and his team innovated in all areas related to future evolution, deployment, and operation of wireless networks to enable exponential growth in mobile data traffic and reliable low latency communications. His research in this domain has been commercialised in Nokia’s (formerly Alcatel-Lucent’s) Small Cell product portfolio and continues to have significant impact.

He received the 2014 World Technology Award in the individual category Communications Technologies for innovative work of “the greatest likely long-term significance”.

Prior to this, Holger directed research in the areas of self-managing networks to enable the first large scale femtocell deployments. Holger joined Bell Labs in 2004, where he began his research in the areas of network optimisation, cellular architectures, and improving energy efficiency of networks.

Holger received his Ph.D. degree in signal processing for digital communications from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom in 2004.

He is author of the book “Small Cell Networks”, more than 130 journal and conference publications, 78 granted patent families, and 46 filed patent applications pending. He is Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the World Technology Network, and member of the IET.

Principal Investigator Tyndall National Institute
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