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John Byabazaire

Master's Researcher

John Byabazaire is currently researching for a Masters Degree in Computer Science at CONNECT in the Department of Computing and Mathematics at Waterford Institute of Technology.

John Byabazaire received his Bachelors of Science (Hons.) degree in Computer Science from Gulu University in 2013. After graduation he worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Department of Computer Science. John has also worked as a Senior Software Developer with EurekaLinks (U) Ltd where he built e-learning, MOOCs and OERs systems currently accessible at

He is currently working on a targeted project involving IBM which aims to connect unobtrusive and ubiquitous sensing technologies (Internet of Things), advanced data management and analytics models via the IBM Bluemix PaaS for moving towards more smart agriculture and better farmer life quality.

Alongside his current MSc study, John continues to research e-learning for low bandwidth environments, Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization and Remote Sensing, IoT (Internet of Things), Fog Computing, Cloud computing, Computer Security.

Master's Researcher Waterford IT (TSSG) Low Energy Moving