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Luiz DaSilva

Funded Investigator

Prof Luiz A. DaSilva is a Funded Investigator at CONNECT and the former Director of CONNECT.

He came to Trinity College in 2009, where he now holds the Personal Chair of Telecommunications. Previously, Prof DaSilva spent six years at IBM and seventeen years at Virginia Tech in the USA, most recently as a Professor in the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Today, he retains a research professorship in that department.

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Prof. DaSilva’s research focuses on distributed and adaptive resource management in wireless networks, and in particular spectrum and infrastructure resource sharing for next generation networks. He is responsible for seminal work on cognitive networks and on the application of game theory to wireless resource management problems. He is currently working on a new architecture for virtual wireless networks orchestrated from resources belonging to heterogeneous technologies and multiple stakeholders. Prof. DaSilva’s research combines theoretical modeling of network resource planning and usage with hands-on testbed implementation of dynamic resource management solutions.

Professor DaSilva is currently a principal investigator on research projects funded by the National Science Foundation in the United States, the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), and the European Commission under Framework Programme 7 and Horizon 2020. He is a co-applicant of CONNECT and holds a Principal Investigator grant from SFI. He has co-authored two books on wireless communications and is an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer.

Professor Luiz DaSilva is a Fellow of the IEEE. He received the honour in recognition of “contributions to cognitive networks and resource management for wireless networks”.

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