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Marinara Marcato

PhD Researcher

Marinara Marcato is pursuing a PhD degree at Tyndall National Institute, UCC. She has been working on a research project that aims to assist the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind (IGDB) in further developing their dog training program through the deployment of technology.

This work is being supported by the Celtic Advanced Life Science Innovation Network, CALIN. CALIN is an Ireland-Wales operation funded by European Regional Development fund through the Welsh Government.

Accordingly, her research interests lie in the area of Machine Learning, more specifically supervised learning using physiological, inertial and behavioural data.

Prior to joining Tyndall, Marinara earned her B.E. Hons Electrical Engineering degree from Londrina State University. During her undergraduate studies, she undertook research on embedded systems at the Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory, Londrina, Brazil and then continued working in the same area as an intern at Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland.

Those years of experience provided her with extensive knowledge in electronic instrumentation, embedded systems and data acquisition areas. Such skills empowered her to acquire and further develop data signal processing, data analysis and algorithm development skillset which are essential in her current role.


PhD Researcher Tyndall National Institute