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Naomi Harte

Funded Investigator

Dr. Harte is an Assistant Professor in Digital Media Systems in the School of Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. She was appointed as a Science Foundation Ireland Engineering Initiative Lecturer in Digital Media in 2008. Prior to returning to academia, Dr. Harte worked in high-tech start-ups in the field of DSP Systems Development, including her own company founded in 2002. She also previously worked in McMaster University in Canada.

Dr. Harte’s specialist area is Human Speech Communication. Her industrial background brings a real-world approach to her research. Her work involves the design and application of mathematical algorithms to enhance or augment speech communication between humans and technology. Since her appointment, she has established a strong international reputation in the speech processing community. Dr. Harte’s research simultaneously represents academic excellence and industrial relevance. She has published over 60 peer reviewed papers in her specialist areas. For the past two years, Dr. Harte has been involved in a major collaboration with Google Chrome and YouTube, leading to multiple patent applications and publications.

Funded Investigator Trinity College Dublin TCD