Our People

Neal McBride

Research Fellow

Neal McBride is a Research Fellow at CONNECT in Trinity College Dublin.

He completed his PhD in 2017 as part of a collaboration between the School of Mathematics, TCD and CTVR, the precursor to CONNECT.

At CONNECT, he works in the Complexity group under Dr Nicola Marchetti and Prof. Linda Doyle, primarily in Complex Systems Science. This work takes the view of wireless networks and the Internet of Things as network ensembles which can be studied using statistical mechanics and Monte Carlo methods. He originally developed an interest in this field while completing an MSc in High Performance Computing at the School of Mathematics, TCD.

His current research interests include critical phenomena in complex networks, stochastic toy models, network ensembles, numerical graph theory and distributed algorithms. He also co-lectures the Complex Systems Science course, offered to fifth year engineers in the School of Engineering, TCD as part of the MAI course.

Research Fellow Trinity College Dublin TCD