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Shantanu Mehta

PhD Researcher

Shantanu Mehta is a PhD researcher at CONNECT in University of Limerick.

In 2011, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, from WIT, India and in 2014 he completed a Masters of Technology degree in Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design from the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India.

His research interests lie in the area low-power, high-speed data converters with a focus on high performance D/A converter design and compensation techniques to overcome non-linearity and distortion related errors.

He is pursuing a PhD in the Circuits and Systems Research group (CSRC), University of Limerick under the supervision of Dr. Brendan Mullane. For his doctoral thesis, he is working on current-steering D/A converter technology, understanding the fundamentals of mismatch, noise and distortion performance. He is looking at error compensation techniques to alleviate error performance in DAC designs.

PhD Researcher University of Limerick UL Dense Low Energy