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Vibhutesh Kumar Singh

PhD Researcher

Vibhutesh Kumar Singh is currently a PhD researcher under the joint supervision of Dr Barry Cardiff and Dr Mark Flanagan at University College Dublin.

He received his Bachelor’s in Technology Degree (Electronics and Communication Engineering) in 2014, from Vellore Institute of Technology, India. Also, he have completed his Master’s in Technology Degree (Electronics and Communication Engineering) in 2016, from IIIT-Delhi, India.

His work have been published in leading journals and conferences, viz., IEEE Sensors Journal and PIMRC 2015. He is also an experienced software developer for Windows CE and Desktop environment. Vibhutesh is also known for his Technology Blog, Digital iVision Labs, which connects more than 60,000+ people over various social platforms.

For his doctoral thesis he is working in the field of flexible modulation techniques for future communication networks.



PhD Researcher University College Dublin UCD