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Creating new possibilities

How do we provide enough food and water for a growing global population? What’s the best way to monitor climate change? How do we educate our children so nobody is left behind?

Today’s world faces many challenges. Networked services will form part of the solution but, to do so, these networks need to evolve. At CONNECT, we are designing networks that can respond automatically to meet the different needs of the services running on them; helping to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges while creating incredible new possibilities for business.

We also design wireless-enabled things capable of feeding vast amounts of information through new networks for next-generation applications. These things can be placed wherever people want them. Raw information can be pulled from these and intelligent feedback is pushed back into them.

Our research facilitates the development of future things capable of improving the world.


Conflicting demands are increasing

The demands we place on networks are increasing. Here are some examples of increasingly common applications:

  • Ultra-reliable medical networks capable of remote monitoring of vital statistics and drug dosages.
  • Lower frequency emergency service networks capable of working reliably in hard-to-reach areas.
  • CCTV and 3D TV high bandwidth networks, both wired and wireless, capable of delivering continuous and sustained data flows.
  • Virtual Reality headsets with ultra high bandwidth connections, within living or work spaces, that can communicate with VR set-top boxes.


Responding to demands

Communications networks are a key part of the solution for some of the world’s biggest problems.

We all want faster and richer data, and networks have to handle massive volumes of traffic, ranging from the steady flows of High Definition 3D video to the short, sporadic messages from small sensors. At CONNECT we develop networks that respond automatically to the needs of the services that run on them by intelligent management of available resources. We regard every element in a network as flexible. In our view, they are all components that can be instantly reconfigured so the networks can deliver the best experience to everyone.

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