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CONNECT researchers win SFI Career Development Awards

Congratulations to Georgios Iosifidis, CONNECT Investigator at Trinity College Dublin, and Le Nam Tran, CONNECT Investigator in UCD, on receiving SFI’s 2018 Career Development Awards. They are among 22 early career researchers who will receive €13.7 million designed to support the next generation of talent in Irish research.

The funded projects are:

SoftEdge: Architectures and Algorithms for Software-Defined Edge Systems (Georgios Iosifidis)
From augmented reality applications to the Internet-of-Things and mobile data analytics, a plethora of services today change fundamentally the way we communicate with each other and interact with our surroundings. These developments, albeit exciting for the users, raise unprecedented challenges for wireless networks, hence calling for a paradigm shift in their design. SoftEdge proposes a new class of system architectures, aiming to harness resources at the edge, i.e. close to demand. Therefore, it will enable mobile operators and service providers to deliver high-quality communication and computing services to the users in an economically efficient and environmentally-friendly fashion.
Award amount: €468,528

Green and Secure Transmission Techniques for Future Wireless Networks (Le Nam Tran)
In this project we will develop holistic approaches to solve the energy crisis and security concerns in wireless networks. Nowadays, the global ICT industry consumes more than 10% of the world’s energy. Data transmitted wirelessly can be easily intercepted by eavesdroppers. Today’s wireless systems are far from addressing these timely problems. In this project we will apply advanced mathematical tools to derive efficient algorithms to reduce energy consumption, and to secure data privacy. The research team will draw on large-scale deployment of low-power nodes equipped with some decentralised mechanism and unique fading characteristic of wireless channels to provide data security.
Award amount: €413,661

CONNECT is the world leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications. CONNECT is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund. We engage with over 35 companies including large multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. CONNECT brings together world-class expertise from ten Irish academic institutes to create a one-stop-shop for telecommunications research, development and innovation.

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