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Engineering Fictions

CATALYST: Jessica Foley

SEED: Interrupting Things

INTERRUPTOR: OMG! [Orthogonal Methods Group, Connect]

This session of Engineering Fictions opens up questions of apparatus, measurement, relation and scientific thought through the concept of interruption.

This concept was perhaps first raised in the world of computer science by Charles Babbage when he declared “jamming is a form of error detection”!

This little known aphorism, by one of the earliest computer engineers, neatly captures the indeterminacy inherent in the concept of interruption: jamming happens when things get stuck, but it also happens when things begin to riff and play off each other, as in music, dance, improvisation and humble conversation.

Jessica will catalyse the session by introducing her current take on ‘Interrupting Things’, opening these ideas up for further inquiry, interruption and jamming through uncreative writing. The seed for this session is partially motivated by the question: “What kind of apparatus is an artist?”

Please bring along your preferred writing apparatus. Light refreshments will be provided (which you are welcome to interrupt with your own contribution).

The event is open to all Connect researchers. Those from outside Connect who are interested in attending should email in advance as seating is limited.

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