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Paper Highlight: Opening Networks, Made Cheaper

OpenRAN technology is looking to shake up the telecoms sector and CONNECT researchers are looking at exactly how this will happen in this paper highlight.

Optical Front/Mid-haul with Open Access-Edge Server Deployment Framework for Sliced O-RAN

Authors: Sourav Mondal & Marco Ruffini
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management

What’s this paper all about?
We propose a structure for deploying open-radio access networks (OpenRAN) based on usage statistics that provide access to many 5G/6G mobile devices with a variety of Quality of Service (QoS) requirements.  More specifically, we have created two optimization problems and have designed tailor-made algorithms leading to near-optimal solutions in a timely manner.  

What exactly have you discovered?
This paper is one of the first papers to develop a method of connecting base stations to the rest of the network using low cost and ubiquitous fibre-to-the-home technology. 

We evaluated the performance of our proposed framework against urban, rural, and industrial areas and have shown the efficiency of using new types of fibre-to-the-home networks (which allow sharing infrastructure with other users), compared to methods that use dedicated fibre infrastructure, that is not shared with other users. 

So what? 
This paper provides the means for operators to analyze their deployment scenarios and choose the most cost-efficient option. 

We believe this paper can play a very strong role in the OpenRAN ecosystem because it will provide a fair opportunity to the small and medium size mobile operators to compete with large mobile operators without investing heavily in network infrastructure.  Researchers will be able to better investigate better methods and network architectures to minimize OpenRAN deployment costs. 

Read the full paper here. 

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Paper Highlight
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