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Bernard Butler

Funded Investigator

Bernard Butler is a CONNECT Funded Investigator at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT).

He was awarded a BSc (Hons) in Applied Maths and Computing from UCC, a MSc in Applied Maths from UCC, a second MSc in Communication Software from WIT and, most recently a PhD from WIT (relating to access control system performance).

After stints at the National Physical Laboratory (UK, as a senior research scientist contributing to the Software Support for Metrology programme) and as an industry consultant (providing technical leadership on business intelligence and data mining projects for multinational clients across sectors including telecoms, financial services, health and retail), he has worked at TSSG since 2006 in various research groups and is currently a Research Fellow in the Emerging Networks Laboratory.

He also lectures on data infrastructures and machine learning to MSc students in WIT.

His research interests relate to a) infrastructure and service management in data centres and at the network edge, b) trust management and access control in massively distributed systems, c) ensuring system requirements (particularly performance, scalability, latency) are met in critical infrastructures, especially those relating to transport, and d) designing efficient and robust systems for data science applications, particularly where additional semantic knowledge and uncertainty information is available.

He has research publications in a wide variety of topics, from orthogonal distance regression, to access control system specification, to the potential of Augmented Reality in vehicular transport.

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