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Everson Borges

Research Assistant

Everson Borges is CONNECT Research Assistant at Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Prof. Marco Ruffini.

Everson has an academic background and extensive experience in information technology. He holds a postgraduate degree at the master’s level in Operational Research and Computational Intelligence from Universidade Cândido Mendes. Additionally, he has a degree in Information Systems from Centro Universitário São Camilo.

His expertise extends to various domains within information technology. His experience primarily lies in computer network infrastructure, where he understands technologies such as freertr, Linux, Windows server environments, wireless LANs, Software-defined networks (SDN), and PolKA.

In terms of his professional involvement, Everson is engaged in academia as a lecturer at IFES – Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo, specifically at the Campus Cachoeiro de Itapemirim. He shares his knowledge and expertise with students, contributing to their education in information technology.

Everson is pursuing a computer science doctoral degree at UFES – Federal University of Espírito Santo. Under the guidance of Professor Magnos Martinello, he is working towards advancing his research and expanding his knowledge in his chosen area of specialization.

Research Assistant Trinity College Dublin TCD Dependable Networks
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