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Kouros Zanbouri

PhD Researcher

Kouros Zanbouri is a CONNECT PhD researcher at University College Cork, under the joint supervision of Prof. Dirk Pesch and Prof. Cormac Sreenan.

Kouros Zanbouri received a BSc degree in Information Technology (IT) engineering in 2016 and pursued an MSc degree in IT engineering – specializing in Computer Networks, in 2018. After completing his M.Sc., he dedicated three years to conducting extensive research. He has also served as a guest reviewer for various journals many times.

Kouros is currently conducting research on wireless Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) as a PhD researcher. His research interests include cloud and fog computing, Internet of Things (IoT), engineering optimization, and metaheuristics.

PhD Researcher University College Cork UCC Dependable Networks Smart Cities
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