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Prateek Asthana

Research Fellow

Dr. Prateek Asthana is a CONNECT Research Fellow at Tyndall National Institute.

Prateek Asthana is a Research Professional at Tyndall National Institute, in the field of micro-scale electronic circuits and systems. He is currently working in the field of design & implementation of energy harvesting based micro-power management solutions for IoT Sensor Systems in real-world applications. He has worked on circuit level, architecture level, and system integration as well as MEMS scale Sensor and energy harvester development having typical applications in health monitoring and asset tracking (people and equipment). He has skills in digital logic design & transistor level low-power design which have been presented in various workshops and conferences. His work in multi-physics simulation, mathematical analysis & experimental verification has been published in various international peer-reviewed journals and books.

Research Fellow Tyndall National Institute Sustainable IoT
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