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Susan Rea

Funded Investigator

Susan Rea is a Funded Investigator at CONNECT and a principal investigator at the Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology where her current research interests focus on Internet of Things & Cyber Physical Systems, specifically embedded infrastructure management, network virtualisation for large scale next generation networks, service provisioning and Qos, together with the development of communications and middleware platforms for smart city application.

Susan holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering from Cork Institute of Technology (2006). Her thesis was entitled “Dynamic Route Management Strategies for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”. She also holds a Master’s of Engineering in Electronic Engineering, also from Cork Institute of Technology (2001), having investigated “Uniform Random Number Generation Using Pseudorandom Binary Sequences”.

She also holds a Diploma in Project Management, from Cork Institute of Technology (2012), a Masters of Science in Information Theory, Coding & Cryptography, University College Cork, (1999) and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering, Cork Institute of Technology (1998).

Funded Investigator Munster Technological University MTU Low Energy