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Veda Sandeep Nagaraja

Associate Investigator

Veda Sandeep Nagaraja is a CONNECT Associate Investigator at Tyndall National Institute.

Veda Sandeep Nagaraja is a senior scientist in the piezoMEMS group at Tyndall National Institute in Ireland. With over 17 years of teaching and research experience, she has established herself as a leading expert in the field.

Her early research focused on MEMS inertial sensors, including microphones and accelerometers. In 2020, Veda joined Tyndall National Institute as a program manager for the MEMS service, where she has made significant contributions to the field of PiezoMEMS.

In her role as Program Manager for the PiezoMEMS service, Veda engages with customers participating in EUROPRACTICE and ASCENT+ services, specializing in PiezoMEMS. She collaborates with researchers and users worldwide who are working on Piezoelectric MEMS devices, understanding their specific needs for technology development. She then effectively communicates these requirements to the foundry technicians and other team members to devise tailored solutions for the customers. Under the EUROPRACTICE standard services, they offer a range of options, and through ASCENT+, a free-of-charge infrastructure platform, they provide customized solutions to meet customer needs.

Furthermore, as a senior scientist, Veda Sandeep Nagaraja is currently dedicated to the design, simulation, and modeling of SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) resonators. These resonators play a crucial role in communication systems for 5G and 6G applications, finding applications in RF filters, oscillators, and more. Her expertise extends to pushing this technology to the GHz range through design modifications and innovative fabrication techniques. Additionally, Veda is actively exploring the possibilities of hybrid integration of these resonators with RF activities and RF passives, pushing the boundaries of what these technologies can achieve.

Associate Investigator Tyndall National Institute Sustainable IoT
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