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Optical ‘Oscar’ for CONNECT

CONNECT researchers – Frank Slyne, Séamus McGettrick, Christian Blümm, Marco Ruffini and David Payne – have had a “post-deadline” paper accepted at the Optical Fibre Conference (OFC) at Anaheim in California. The paper is entitled: “Demonstration of SDN enabled dynamically reconfigurable high capacity optical access for converged services”. (Abstract: A dynamically reconfigurable TDM-DWDM PON for converged multi-services at the physical layer (10G, 100G and wireless fronthaul) has been demonstrated for the first time implementing end-to-end SDN management of the access and core network elements.)

This is a prestigious and much sought-after achievement. The OFC is the premiere global gathering for the optical networks community and a “post-deadline paper” is a great accomplishment. Included below is a colourful description of the culture surrounding such papers. The paper is co-authored with researchers at Tyndall National Institute, Nokia Bell Labs in Germany and Polatis Ltd, UK.

Dr Marco Ruffini was also invited to give a tutorial at the conference.

Also, two papers from Connect researchers – Pedro Alvarez, Nicola Marchetti, Avishek Nag, David Payne, Marco Ruffini – are listed in the ‘Most Downloaded Papers” for the month of February in the Journal of Optical Communications and Networking (JOCN). Links to papers here: and

Well done to everyone!

From Alcatel Lucent’s Bell Labs blog:

“Amongst the optical research community, getting one of these post-deadline papers accepted is a very prestigious achievement, and the top researchers in the world vie for this recognition. The selection of post-deadline papers is much anticipated, and even a source of considerable drama at the conference, sort of like the ‘Oscars’ or ‘Palme d’Or’ of the optical research world.”

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