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CONNECT to lead an Artsformation in Europe

CONNECT researchers – Fiona McDermott, Tom O’Dea, and Linda Doyle – are part of the new Horizon 2020-funded research project, Artsformation, which aims to leverage the social potential of the arts in digital transformations.

Artsformation kicks off this Autumn and is led by the Norwegian Business School (Norway), the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), LATRA (Greece), KEA European Affairs (Brussels), WAAG (Amsterdam), FACT (UK), Transmediale (Germany), European Alternatives (Italy/France) and Trinity College Dublin (Ireland). The project intends to explore the Arts, as an actor in shaping the transformation of society towards a more sustainable digital future in Europe.

At a time when digital transformation as a grand societal challenge is generating fierce debate within academia, industry, policy-making, and the economy, Artsformation aims to develop knowledge, toolsets, and prototypes to leverage the social potential of the arts in digital transformations. 

“Contemporary art and technology is changing people’s lives everyday. Artsformation will investigate this transformative power.” – Majken Overgaard, Board Member of Artsformation.

The last decade has seen a rapid growth of Arts for social change initiatives as well as artistic practices that combine digital and social practice art, geared towards making an actual impact on human life in the digital age. In response, digital culture has come into the agenda of almost all cultural institutions and educational programs. Despite a great expansion in studies, media and policy has been slow in recognizing such new trends and so have failed to timely study the cross-over between the digital, the social, and the artistic. Artsformation wants to help leverage this great, but underutilised potential facilitating a rapprochement between the artistic, technological, enterprise, policy, and civil society spheres.

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