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Collaborative 5GINFIRE Open Call – Innovative experiments

Details of a new 5GinFire Open Call have just been announced. Submission deadline: 3 July 2019.

Call information can be found here.

In alignment with the overall project objectives, the 5GINFIRE project is organizing a collaborative open call targeting external organizations interested in performing experiments on the top of the infrastructure provided by 5GINFIRE. This 5GinFIRE open call invites experimenters to use selected 5GINFIRE experimental facilities, taking advantage of the provided testbed features such as SDN, NFV, and VxFs to test vertical applications and other services in context of the 5G networks.

The 5GINFIRE is, by design, a duality project that sets its overall technical objectives as a prerequisite for achieving a longer term strategic objective that aspires to resonate beyond its lifetime and act as valuable source of constant feedback. As such, it is indeed quite ambitious but at the same time pragmatic and feasible in identifying, building, and eventually specifying, a critical mass of technological components and optimal architecture designs.


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