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Marco Ruffini wins OFCity Challenge

Dr Marco Ruffini, CONNECT Funded Investigator at Trinity College Dublin, has led a team to victory at the OFCity Challenge at OFC in San Diego, California.

Marco led a team called “ALIVE” which included Thomas Pfeiffer (Nokia Bell Labs, Germany); Dave Hood (Huawei, USA); Junwen Zhang (ZTE, USA); Daniel King (Lancaster University, UK).

A list of the teams and their abstracts can be found here. Here is the ALIVE abstract:
The Augmented Living Experience (ALIVE) team is tackling the challenging problem of delivering highly predictive deterministic packet transport for high fidelity acoustic and video applications. Our use cases are based on the requirement to schedule connectivity and maintain specific low latency network guarantees for remote multi-site locations for real-time concert rehearsals, and sport streaming.
We achieve our objectives by employing a software-defined controller over a hierarchical multi-layer network architecture that utilises transparent metro optical switching, and strict-QoE traffic engineered packet paths across packet core infrastructure. Guarantees are provided via in-situ OAM monitoring and feedback to the controller.
Network connectivity is complemented with sound and augmented reality (AR) video processing and synchronisation methods, tightly interacting with the network controller which modifies QoE paths accordingly and ensures seamless protection switching.
Additional key contributions include integrated fiber-wireless access network and Geo-distributed Fog Computing technologies, which allow predictive network connectivity for time-sensitive and ultra-reliable communications such as: autonomous vehicles, localised content delivery and live augmented reality concert and sport streaming.
Team ALIVE will present a cost-effective solution for smart ultra-low-latency communication providing a long-lasting legacy to OFCity, demonstrating its technology leadership in the area of 5G smart cities for many years to come.

CONNECT researchers had several papers at this year’s OFC:

Avishek Nag, Yi Zhang, Luiz A. DaSilva, Linda Doyle, and Marco Ruffini, “Integrating Wireless BBUs with Optical OFDM Flexible-Grid Transponders in a C-RAN Architecture“. Accepted at OFC 2017.

Amr Elrasad, Nima Afraz, and Marco Ruffini, “Virtual Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Enabling True PON Multi-Tenancy“. Accepted at OFC 2017.

A. Saljoghei, Arman Farhang, Colm Browning, Nicola Marchetti, Linda Doyle, and Liam Barry, “Investigation of the Performance of GFDMA and OFDMA for Spectrally Efficient Broadband PONs”. Accepted at OFC 2017.

Irene Macaluso, Bruno Cornaglia, and Marco Ruffini, “Antenna, Spectrum and Capacity trade-off for Cloud-RAN Massive Distributed MIMO over Next Generation PONs“. Accepted at OFC 2017.

Colm Browning, Alexander Gazman, Vidak Vujicic, Aravind Anthur, Ziyi Zhu, Keren Bergman, and Liam Barry, “Optical circuit switching/multicasting of burst mode PAM-4 using a programmable silicon photonic chip“. Accepted at OFC 2017.

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