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Pervasive Nation User Group meeting in UCD

A Pervasive Nation User Group workshop will be held in the Spatial Dynamics Lab at University College Dublin on Wednesday, 2 May. The session will provide an opportunity to get hands-on experience of the Pervasive Nation platform, and will introduce the connecting of devices to the network. It will also explore the integration of data management systems to Pervasive Nation, as well as providing first-hand experience of the latest sensor development platforms used by researchers at CONNECT.

The event is aimed at Master’s and PhD students, and postdocs in all aspects of IoT and especially Wide Area Network researchers.


  • Intro to Lora/LoRaWAN and the latest updates from the LoRa Alliance (the non-profit body driving the development and standardisation of the LoRaWAN protocol).
  • An overview of the Pervasive Nation platform and how it is deployed, including the Pervasive Nation road map and the latest features.
  • A walk through of the process for bringing devices on and off a tenant on the network (e.g., and the various ways of accessing data.
  • Hands-on session: hardware and software with a full LoRa/LoRaWAN sensor development environment based around the Pervasive Nation reference design.

Registration:  Please confirm attendance to by 30 April.

Further Pervasive Nation user group sessions will be organised at other colleges in the coming weeks/months.

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