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PhD: Visual Analytics & IoT

There is a vacancy for a PhD researcher at CONNECT in Dublin Institute of Technology. Details below.

The ideal candidate will have an MSC or BSC in Computer Science or a related discipline, have an interest in all things data – analytics, machine leaning, visualisation, IOT, etc.

It is a fully funded (fees, stipend, equipment and travel) PhD position.

The application deadline is April 15th.
Contact person:

PhD position: “Reveal IOT – Visual Analytics and IOT “

We live in an increasingly connected world; multiple devices sending and receiving data from a wide variety of different networks. This data not only illustrates how people interact with each other and the web more generally but also shows how they interact with the city as whole. The aim of this project is to investigate how machine learning and visualisation can be used to reveal patterns of behaviour across the city landscape. These patterns can enable commercial and social activity, help with policy decisions at various levels or potentially support construction or new development. The aim of this research is not to develop more dashboards or visualisations but to better understand how we can advance analytics in this area by developing smarter insights. There are a range of evident challenges – algorithmically, approaches are being investigated on how to better identify, classify and make use of the correlative relationships that can be found in these data, while from a visualisation perspective there is a pressing need to advance beyond the current crop of dashboards that often show trends but reveal little insight.

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CONNECT is the world leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications. CONNECT is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund. We engage with over 35 companies including large multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. CONNECT brings together world-class expertise from ten Irish academic institutes to create a one-stop-shop for telecommunications research, development and innovation.

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