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Sihem Bakri: Human of CONNECT

Sihem Bakri is a CONNECT Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin.

How did you get to this point in your life?
My journey to this point has been a combination of hard work, dedication, and opportunities that I have capitalized on. I have always been passionate about math and science, and this led me to pursue a degree in telecommunication.
From my early academic journey, I gradually delved into the realm of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My passion for understanding and advancing technology led me through a comprehensive academic trajectory, culminating in a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Electronics. My PhD research focused on enforcing network slicing in 5G, exploring topics such as RAN slicing, radio resource management, machine learning, optimization methods, and mathematical modeling. Following my doctoral studies, I continued as a post-doctoral researcher, specializing in into the exploration of intelligent algorithms for resource management in 6G mobile networks.
My diverse academic and research background has shaped my trajectory towards becoming a highly dedicated researcher in telecommunications.

How would you explain your research to someone who has no idea about your discipline?
My research revolves around revolutionizing network management in 5G and beyond. To achieve this, I explore cutting-edge technologies, like machine learning and optimization methods, to develop intelligent algorithms. These algorithms act as the brains behind the scenes, making split-second decisions on how data is routed and managed throughout the network. In essence, my work seeks to revolutionize how networks operate, introducing intelligence that adapts swiftly to the dynamic demands of advanced telecommunications systems.

What is the most challenging element of your work
Simulating real-world challenges in a technology-rich environment, where changes are constant and swift, is challenging. It requires adaptation to these variations, which can complicate the task. Additionally, there are days when the intricacies of coding present hurdles. However, overcoming these challenges is a crucial part of the journey, leading to moments of success in the midst of complexities.

What do you think could be the next defining trend in technology?
The upcoming defining trends in technology are diverse. These include the integration of quantum computing, unlocking unprecedented processing power. Addressing the need for low-latency applications, edge computing is gaining prominence. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are poised to evolve, emphasizing Explainable AI and applications with limited data. In wireless communication, continuous advancements beyond 5G and 6G will bring higher data rates, lower latency, and improved reliability, leading the way for innovations in augmented and virtual reality. In addition, the focus on green energy and sustainability involves embracing eco-friendly technologies and practices, fostering energy efficiency, and reducing ecological impact across various industries.

What do you think about life in Ireland?
Ireland has a vibrant and diverse culture, rich in history and tradition, making it a wonderful place to live. Here, people are friendly and welcoming, with a strong sense of community. The stunning natural beauty of the Irish countryside makes it an especially appealing place to call home. As an academic, I am grateful for the supportive and innovative environment that Ireland provides for research and education. Ireland has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

CONNECT is the world leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications. CONNECT is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund. We engage with over 35 companies including large multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. CONNECT brings together world-class expertise from ten Irish academic institutes to create a one-stop-shop for telecommunications research, development and innovation.

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