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Hamdan Awan

Associate Investigator

Dr Hamdan Awan is a CONNECT Associate Investigator at Munster Technological University.

Dr Hamdan Awan is currently working as an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Munster Technological University, Cork, Ireland since Jan 2022. He previously worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at SETU, Waterford and at York University Canada. His research interests include Internet of Things, Molecular Communication Networks, Role of Biologically Inspired AND AI based Communications in Health care applications.

Hamdan has completed PhD in computer science and Engineering from University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia and has consistently published research papers in total in highly selective IEEE/ACM Transactions and conferences including the best paper Award at IEEE/ACM Nanocom 2018. Hamdan has been part of two FET Open Projects Gladiator and Prime which focus on application of molecular communication in health science. He has so far mentored/supervised 6 PhD and Master level research students in the area of communications in different institutes. Hamdan has served as a reviewer in number of IEEE Transactions and IEEE/ACM conferences. He has served as TPC co-chair for Molcom Workshop in 2022 and is currently serving as symposium chair of Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communication Track in the flagship conference IEEE ICC 2024 to be held in USA.

Associate Investigator Munster Technological University MTU Dependable Networks Network Ecologies Research Infrastructure Sustainable IoT
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