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John Campbell

PhD Researcher

John Campbell is a CONNECT PhD researcher at Maynooth University under the joint supervision of Indrakshi Dey, Nicola Marchetti, Harun Siljak and Marco Ruffini.

John’s background is in physics (BSc from UCD, MSc from TCD) with work experience in infrared photonics (Eblana Photonics LTD) and non-linear optics. He is a researcher in the behavior and fidelity of Quantum Networks which involves designing experiments and simulating EPR entangled states. Primarily focusing on how quantum networks display inherently chaotic behavior as the networks are increased in size and scaled from within a lab to a wider network across existing classical network infrastructure such as in optical fibers or free space communications. John is also investigating how established principles of network synchronization among nodes and signal repeater systems can be extended to quantum information theory in general and how disorder and noise affects recoverability of quantum information from transmitter to receiver.

His public Github on Quantum Network Simulations using coupled oscillator models:

PhD Researcher Maynooth University
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