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Paolo Palmieri

Funded Investigator

Dr Paolo Palmieri is a Funded Investigator at CONNECT, and a Lecturer in Cyber Security at University College Cork (UCC).

Paolo holds a PhD in Cryptography from the Université catholique de  Louvain (UCLouvain) in Belgium, awarded in 2013. Prior to joining UCC in  2017, he was a Lecturer in the UK (Bournemouth and Cranfield), and a Postdoctoral Researcher in Delft University of Technology (TUDelft), The Netherlands.

He is a Funded Investigator in CONNECT and Insight (SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics), and a Supervisor in two SFI Centres for Research Training (ADVANCE and AI). He is also a Principal Investigator and co-Investigator in a number of research projects funded by SFI, Enterprise Ireland, and the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund. He is an External Affiliate of the Smart City Lab at the University of Bologna (Italy), and collaborates internationally with researchers and institutions from over 10 countries.

His research focuses on cryptographic protocols for privacy and security, and he has published widely on cryptography, privacy and security in international journals and peer-reviewed conferences. He chairs two international research events: Malicious Software and Hardware in Internet of Things (Mal-IoT), and the Location Privacy Workshop (LPW). His work on location privacy and secure cooperative computation of location information has been implemented a number of times and is currently used in real-world applications, including satellite monitoring and smart transportation. He was the first to propose a protocol achieving secure multi-party computation on communication delays, and he has significant track record in secure computation, homomorphic encryption, hash-based probabilistic datastructures and approximated cryptographic primitives.

Funded Investigator University College Cork UCC
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