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CONNECT nominated for AI awards

CONNECT has received two nominations for the Best Application of AI in an Academic Research Body category in the 2019 AI Awards.

CONNECT at DCU, and CONNECT at TSSG in WIT, are among the four shortlisted entries for the 2019 AI Awards.

The shortlisted applications were made by Dr Elias Giacoumidis in DCU, and Mohit Taneja at TSSG in WIT.

Overall winners will be announced in November. The two other shortlisted bodies are INFANT Centre (UCC) and Sigmedia in Trinity.

Mohit Taneja (working with Alan Davy, John Byabazaire and Paul Malone) is using Machine Learning to detect lameness in cattle three days before it is visually apparent, while Dr Elias Giacoumidis is using Machine Learning Clustering (MLC) and K-means++ algorithm to develop modems with consistent high-speed broadband connectivity.

CONNECT is the world leading Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications. CONNECT is funded under the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund. We engage with over 35 companies including large multinationals, SMEs and start-ups. CONNECT brings together world-class expertise from ten Irish academic institutes to create a one-stop-shop for telecommunications research, development and innovation.

Dr Elias Giacoumidis

Mohit Taneja and Alan Davy

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